California Sunbounce Wind Killer Static 6 x 8


Wind Killer Static products are designed to be fixed to the ground while working on a shoot.

The Wind Killer is the ultimate tool for any Steadicam operator. Wind is the worst enemy of the Steadicam – it knocks it about defeating its purpose entirely. The Sunbounce Wind Killer blocks approximately 75% of the wind from reaching the Steadicam. Allowing the 25% of the wind through wont throw the camera about, but it is essential because if no wind were allowed through a vacuum would be created on the quiet side of the wind blocking thus creating massive turbulences which would be worse than the wind itself.

An added benefit of the Wind Killer screen over a solid screen is that you can actually look through it to see the Grip and communicate.

The Wind Killer is built for Steadicams, but it is also a great general purpose wind reduction tool even for still photo shoots to keep the models hair from flying around or wherever you might need to slow down the wind.

In a pinch you can also use it for mottled diffusion.


Technical details:

Weight: approx. 1,68kg
Total size: approx. 180x245cm
Colour: black
Material: Textil, Aluminium